JV - Special Benefits

JV - Special Benefits

Special Advantages for your JV Partnership with us - in INDIA:

1. Huge & Ready Market for Residential Housing (- Flats / Apartments / Duplex Houses / Villas/ etc )

Based on a huge Population, Growing migration, faster urbanization and growth in demand for Quality Housing and driven by a high end-user market, there is a Vast potential to Develop and market Residential Housing in all segments and categories -including "Large -scale Residential Flats & Township Development"

2. High Property Appreciation -in short time

According to a recent "Knight Frank report" on Indian real estate Residential Property prices, the prices rose 12% in the past year, the third highest in the world. Hence, you can be assured that the Returns on your investments will be very attractive

3. Our Expert Professional Expertise and services

We, at LMH Property, as your preferred INDIAN partner, have the great benefit of having been in the Real estate / Housing Construction - Development Sector for over 18 years, . Hence , we are invariably in a better position to provide inputs in terms of information on land and clearances and also help foreign investors to channel their Investments / money judiciously.
Hence it is a great opportunity - where both of us can partner together - for tapping lucrative opportunities - in the INDIAN Real Estate / Construction- Development sector.


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